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To be one of the most preferred IT infrastructure solutions providers in Indonesia, MBT will be delivering the next generation IT solutions by partnering with numerous well-known IT brands in the worldwide that have wide portfolio in assisting businesses across the world addressing their IT challenges in today’s world. Through innovative and advance technologies from various best IT brands, MBT ensures business to have a better infrastructure performance, cost-effective and operational excellences.

MBT Solutions

Mega Buana Teknologi Cloud Solution - IT Distributor -
Improve performance, scale and security, while reducing cost for your enterprise
Mega Buana Teknologi Analytics Solution - IT Distributor
Enable fast, actionable insights while improving uptime to exponentially boosting effectiveness
Mega Buana Teknologi Data Storage Solution - IT Distributor
Provide massive scalability, high availability, and extensive .
Mega Buana Teknologi Converged Solution - IT Distributor
Simplify IT complexity into a unified solution that’s easier to deploy and managed
Mega Buana Teknologi Database Solution - IT Distributor
Control data with an automated, high-performance and minimizing downtime.
Mega Buana Teknologi Service Solution - IT Distributor
A personalized engagement with end-to-end expertise and insights.
Mega Buana Teknologi Product - IT Distributor

MBT Products

A number of business cross-industries have trusted MBT to help them get the best IT solutions and products that suit their current and future IT needs. We can help you too. Find out how MBT can assist you to accelerate your business’ digital transformation.