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NetApp is the global leader in data management and hybrid cloud data services. Founded in 1992 as Network Appliance, NetApp has worked with customers across different industries in ensuring business critical data and applications are always in the right place at the right time.

With more than 25-years of experience NetApp in data storage and management industry, NetApp helps customers from building data centers to building data fabrics, simplifying operations and innovating data integration across on-premises data centers, edge, and public cloud.

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With EasiShare, the mobility-enabling solution that allows easy sync and share with team members, in a secure environment. Enterprises and security-minded organisations may now ensure balance between mobility and productivity, while adhering to stringent IT protocol compliance. Users enjoy security and true mobility when collaborating on documents, resulting in greater productivity for enterprises and government organisations.

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Oracle is one of the largest database management company in the world. With the mission to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities, Oracle has managed to deliver business around the world a better way to leveraging technology in the simplest manner. Experiencing in tech-world for more than 30 years, Oracle knows what is the best for business to grow

Furukawa provides innovative infrastructure for communication networks. Its Connectivity System presents complete solutions from the equipment room up to the work area, for Data Centers, from the entrance room up to the computer room, providing indoor and outdoor cables and accessories, including GPON equipment. 

Quality is one of the most important values for Furukawa. The company monitors every step of the production of its products, processes and services, from obtaining the raw material, through its handling, to the correct use by the customer. Through this philosophy, it won a series of national and international quality certificates.

Catalogic Software is a modern data protection company providing innovative backup and recovery solutions including its flagship DPX product, enabling IT organizations to protect, secure and leverage their data. Catalogic’s CloudCasa offers cloud data protection, backup and disaster recovery as a service for Kubernetes applications and cloud data services. Learn more at and

HEAL Software is the innovator of HEAL, the first preventive healing software for IT operations that fixes problems before they happen, an ability beyond what the present day AI-assisted APM and monitoring tools have. Contrary to AI-driven monitoring tools that send alerts or find the problem sources when an incident occurs, HEAL can recognize 'signals' that are leading indicators of future incidents and eliminate factors that can create problems. HEAL uses unsupervised AI to learn how a system works under normal circumstances and creates a dynamic baseline for the entire system and workload behavior; therefore, it can precisely signal upcoming issues and helps ITOps team to prevent problems.

Huawei Cloud opens up Huawei’s over three decades of expertise in ICT and digitalization. Their work with customers, partners, and developers to dive into digital and provide Everything as a Service, together building the cloud foundation for an intelligent world. 

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