Oracle – Future-Proofing Your Database

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Future-Proofing Your Oracle Database is Important and Here’s Why You Need it Now

Data has been a significant part in allowing business to perform efficiently and achieve their goal. Their growth drives swiftly in the ever-expanding user base from the internet, apps, and IoT devices. More than 5 billion people are currently accessing and storing data on their devices and in the cloud. It’s estimated that roughly 7,5 billion people will be doing the same thing by 2030.

As quoted by Forbes, the growth of data is accelerating faster than we anticipated. There are an estimated 2,5 quintillion bytes of data that flow every day. Business should prepare a solution to sort through vital data, processing and extracting them through a database management system or a DBMS to maintain this tremendous amount of data. One of them is Oracle Database.

At this rate, businesses expect the benefits of the cloud in managing their own Oracle Database, where they can increase agility and responsiveness, drive their digital transformation smoothly, reduce IT spending, and accelerate their innovation.

However, they’re too busy keeping the lights on and eventually confronting the challenges in delivering the benefits. Most of businesses now are struggling with the complexity of new technology and lacking automation. Moreover, the increasing demands of data growth and a gradual shift to cloud that creates hybrid needs are some of the challenges they need to subdue to reach the benefit.


Future-Proofing Your Oracle Database

One of the most effective forces that business can perform is implementing how they can future-proof their Oracle Database. Future-proofing is another way for the company to be proactive than reactive in managing their IT infrastructure to always keep up with changes. There are three ways of future-proofing your Oracle Database in terms of innovation, flexibility, and investment.

Future-Proof Innovation

Business will get long term releases of Oracle Database. This is highly ideal for those that are benefiting from less frequent upgrades. By getting long term release, business will have the highest stability and most extended support from Oracle. They also will get enhancements and new capabilities and continuously use leading-edge technologies.

Future-Proof Flexibility

Business will easily upgrade their database and use the same database on-premise, hybrid, and cloud with seamless portability.

Future-Proof Investment

By license deployment flexibility, business can deploy Oracle Databases wherever and whenever as needed. There are port entitlements with Bring Your Own License (BYOL) to Oracle or other third-party clouds. They can also reduce costs with ULA, where they can have cap license and maintenance fees and reduce license administration effort.

Oracle Database 19c

Oracle has always committed to develop and innovate new features from Oracle Database in the last 40 years. To keep up with the technology, Oracle launched several breakthrough features on their latest Oracle Database 19c that is future-ready. Business can utilize these features just by updating their patch to the newest version.

Oracle Database 19c is the advancement of Oracle Database 12c family and designed to be future-proof that will last for the long term. By doing this, Oracle is also giving a Long Term Support release where they have a primary consideration for their customers, giving away five-year Premier Support to March 2024 and three-year extended support to March 2027.

Oracle Database 19c is bundled with several top features as follows:

  • Automatic Indexing
  • Active Data Guard DML Redirect
  • Hybrid partitioned tables
  • JSON support
  • Query Quarantine
  • Stability and Availability


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