NetApp – Becoming the Best Choice for Flash

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How NetApp Improves Performance in Modernizing Infrastructure

Digital transformation is driving businesses to use all-flash storage systems in accelerating their cloud infrastructure modernization. Yet, the high cost is being the obstacle for them to adopt an all-flash storage solution.

This is where NetApp introduces AFF C190 and AFF A250, high-performance and affordable all-flash storage to help businesses in different industries modernize their infrastructure at a lower cost.

Powered by NetApp ONTAP data management software, AFF C190 and AFF A250 will help you meet the storage’s needs in various cloud databases through modern and scalable all-flash performance with comprehensive data, reliable data protection, and the best cloud integration services.


4 Benefits in Using NetApp AFF C190 & AFF A250

NetApp AFF C190 and AFF A250 will give you the best outcome in speeding up your enterprise applications and creating a modern hybrid cloud infrastructure by these following benefits.


An easy implementation just in minutes.


More extensive and faster storage capacity at a more competitive price.

Secure & Trusted

Comprehensive data protection from internal and external security threats.


Boost performance of enterprise apps and AI/ML, easy integration, scale performance and capacity without causing disruptions.


7 Reasons Why NetApp is The Best Choice for Flash:

Not only the benefits, but NetApp will also help your business with the most comprehensive portfolio of all-flash, hybrid-flash, and object storage systems in the industry. Learn more about how NetApp’s key capabilities will be the ideal choice for flash.

  1. Hybrid Cloud Data Fabric

Only NetApp delivers both cloud data services to your data center and enterprise storage capabilities to the public cloud. NetApp gives you a unified software-defined experience to manage your data across the world’s biggest clouds, private clouds, and on-premises.

  1. Best Performance

NetApp all-flash arrays can go head-to-head, delivering more IOPS and less latency, full stop. Our software development provides a 40 percent increase in performance at no additional cost.

  1. Efficiency is Table Stakes

Don’t let guarantees distract from true differentiation. Get a NetApp system that is rightsized from the start and benefit from ongoing data reduction improvements.

  1. Richer Data Protection

NetApp delivers non-stop access to business-critical data. Synchronous replication is built into our DNA with no need to assign new workloads to pods to replicate a new dataset. With NetApp – recovery times are measured in seconds at a petabyte-scale.

  1. Total Security

NetApp encrypts your data end-to-end, no matter where it’s stored. At rest, data encryption happens at the physical drive layer, the software layer, and in flight. If your storage vendor requires OS modifications for applications transmitting or receiving data, your IP is at risk. Got compliance? GDPR, HIPPA, PCI DSS, CCPA, whatever your acronym – NetApp has you covered.

  1. Crystal Ball Verified

We set you up for success today and into the future. We don’t expect you to pay in advance for upgrades and call them free. NetApp designs systems that scale up, out, and to the cloud, so you can leverage IT as a growth engine for your business.

  1. Innovation Leader

With a commitment to software-defined storage, our data center and cloud customers continue to reap the benefits of innovation investment. NetApp was first to the industry with NVMe over Fibre Channel to the host. Automation capabilities accelerate your time to market.


Get NetApp from MBT

Modernize your infrastructure at a lower cost with the high-performance and affordable all-flash storage from NetApp. You can get it from Mega Buana Teknologi (MBT) as your trusted IT Distributor. We provide a comprehensive service before and after the solution is implemented. If you have a troubleshoot in implementing the solutions, worry not! We have certified and experienced IT engineers that will support you to solve the problems.

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