Furukawa – Accelerate with Digital Transformation in Pandemic

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Furukawa Solutions Advancing Data Center for 400G to Accelerate with Digital Transformation in Pandemic

This article has been reworked from the original content written by Magno Fugisava, Global Market Manager Furukawa Electric.

The pandemic has dramatically transformed the way we use the internet. The rapid increase in digital consumption demands has created a new habit that must satisfy digital consumer needs. Various platforms have undergone significant traffic increases. Zoom, for instance, spiked from registering 10 million daily users back in December 2019 to 200 million users in March 2020.

AT&T also has experienced massive increases in demand for its VPN traffic. At that time, millions of Americans started to work from home, and the traffic was soared to 700%, while there was an addition of digital consumption from videos (12%) and online games (75%).

Cloud services usage has also risen due to social distancing during the first months of the pandemic. In this case, Microsoft has stated that they registered a 775% increase on its Edge platform. This growth is seven times bigger than the usual scenario.


Data Center is Becoming More Fundamental in Pandemic

These rapid increases in data traffic are not consistently delivering the best outcome. As it turns out, several platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix have had to reduce the bandwidth occupied by their service. It decreases their video transmission bit rates in Europe by 25%.

However, they successfully managed to lower the region’s internet network load and maintained constant download speeds for educational, work, and research activities.

These massive growths in digital consumption trends have determined that the data center industry is not sinking during the pandemic. The demand for infrastructure and facilities of the data center has not entirely loosened. Instead, the data center and cloud computing industry is becoming more integral to accelerate digital transformation faster in post-pandemic.


400G Data Center Solutions

As the demands for games, movies, and other services in the cloud and IoT (Internet of Things) application are accelerating, the needs for the data center are also advancing and making it evolves to their next technological wave: the 400 Gb/s optical networks, or known as 400G.

In creating a long-term commitment to the market, Furukawa Solutions created 400G-Ready Data Center program, where their concept is to provide a variety of products, solutions, and services designed to support 400G applications in a data center, be it in present time or future and applies both to the internal environment of the data center and to the interconnection between data centers or any mission-critical environment. One of the advantages of the 400G-Ready concept is the versatility to meet different needs for higher speed and at different distances.

In addition to this 400G-Ready Data Centers solution, Furukawa also offered a set of basic-design services, inspections during deployment, onsite training, improved logistic, and 25 years extended warranty to ensure the success of the design and the making of 400G-Ready Data Center.

Advancing data center for 400G is not the only solution. We also have to ensure whether the cloud can add users continuously, preserve, and raise the quality of services as the developers should build a new data center to catch up with the growing demands.

This solution will help us have a smooth transition in accelerating digital transformation during and after the pandemic by gaining a better construction and management of the digital infrastructure as the traffic is getting more increased than ever.


Get Furukawa Solutions from MBT

In advancing the data centers you own and accelerating the better performance, get Furukawa Solutions from Mega Buana Teknologi (MBT). We provide a comprehensive service before and after the solution is implemented. If you have a troubleshoot in implementing the solutions, worry not! We have certified and experienced IT engineers that will support you to solve the problems.

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