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How EasiShare Drives Internal and Operational Efficiency in Healthcare Industry

Data breaches are becoming one of the most hazardous threats for business. Over the past decade, data breaches in the healthcare industry have been in the spotlight, as reported from HIPAA Journal 2019. 

One of the main reasons why these series of breaches happened, comes directly from insider threats on top of external cyber-attack. Insider threats are usually due to the employee’s negligence in not following proper “cyber hygiene” or a disgruntled employee with a corrupt intention to leak confidential data from their organization, pushing business to implement stringent data policies and encouraging the cybersecurity culture.

However, complying with stringent data policies typically have a consequence on end-user’s productivity. The limited IT tools are provided to the users to send patient records securely to both internal and external parties. In this case, they turn to unauthorized methods such as using third-party applications or thumb drives resulting in Shadow IT. 


Store and Retain Medical Informations with EasiShare

This is where EasiShare helps healthcare professionals transfer large-size medical reports locally and overseas through secure one-time generated links in a matter of few seconds. It minimizes any form of unauthorized access through advanced security features in two-factor authentication (OTP), expiry date, limit on download attempts, AD integration, and file type restrictions. 

Deployed on-premise, EasiShare allows the healthcare providers to store and retain all confidential patient information within hospital premises to comply with the hospital’s data security policies. For users, EasiShare’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface were adopted quickly by the end-users, allowing them to work efficiently with both internal and external parties.

The newly added security features such as one-time-generated links and OTP for two-factor authentication allowed healthcare professional to send large-size medical reports externally to patients securely. 

Concerning file sharing between departments and clinics internally, users can collaborate effectively and securely. With access control and permission management, users can determine the recipient’s file access rights to allow authorized users to read, edit, and view. 


Get EasiShare from MBT

By EasiShare, you can securely exchange large files with your colleagues, other departments and external parties, back up documents and seamlessly sync content across the web, desktop and mobile devices.

EasiShare will allow you to complete control over your data by managing access permissions and collecting details on usage and patterns from all user activities. 

In the end, there is no need to migrate, as EasiShare provides a centralized interface providing you to connect to any existing storages in your modern environment. By using APIs, you can seamlessly integrate EasiShare with your organization’s applications and systems. EasiShare is truly helpful to sysadmins with its centralized admin portal to manage the policies easily and monitor file access.

Get EasiShare from Mega Buana Teknologi (MBT). We provide a comprehensive service before and after the solution is implemented. If you have a troubleshoot in implementing the solutions, worry not! We have certified and experienced IT engineers that will support you to solve the problems.

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