Furukawa – Accelerate with Digital Transformation in Pandemic

Mega Buana Teknologi - IT Distributor - Furukawa advancing data center 400G in pandemic situation

Furukawa Solutions Advancing Data Center for 400G to Accelerate with Digital Transformation in Pandemic This article has been reworked from the original content written by Magno Fugisava, Global Market Manager Furukawa Electric. The pandemic has dramatically transformed the way we use the internet. The rapid increase in digital consumption demands has created a new habit […]

Oracle – Future-Proofing Your Database

Mega Buana Teknologi - IT Distributor - Secured Database with Oracle

Future-Proofing Your Oracle Database is Important and Here’s Why You Need it Now Data has been a significant part in allowing business to perform efficiently and achieve their goal. Their growth drives swiftly in the ever-expanding user base from the internet, apps, and IoT devices. More than 5 billion people are currently accessing and storing […]

EasiShare – Empowering Data Security in Mind

Mega Buana Teknologi - IT Distributor - EasiShare secured file sharing

How EasiShare Drives Internal and Operational Efficiency in Healthcare Industry Data breaches are becoming one of the most hazardous threats for business. Over the past decade, data breaches in the healthcare industry have been in the spotlight, as reported from HIPAA Journal 2019.  One of the main reasons why these series of breaches happened, comes […]

NetApp – Becoming the Best Choice for Flash

Mega Buana Teknologi - IT Distributor - Benefit using NetApp

How NetApp Improves Performance in Modernizing Infrastructure Digital transformation is driving businesses to use all-flash storage systems in accelerating their cloud infrastructure modernization. Yet, the high cost is being the obstacle for them to adopt an all-flash storage solution. This is where NetApp introduces AFF C190 and AFF A250, high-performance and affordable all-flash storage to […]